▶  2024-05-11 [Event] Ink play event held


2024-05-11 [Event] Ink play event held

Let’s take the bill! Let’s draw a picture with ink
Let’s experience suminagashi

Let’s play with ink with Mr. Yu Arakawa
After the experience, you can take home the work you made as a present.

After the sumi-e experience, a sumi-e performance by Jun Arakawa will be held.
Dynamic drawing using only hands and ink without using a brush
You can see the painting performance.

By the way… Sumi-e experience and Sumi-e performance
From children to adults, outsiders can participate
Of course, any nationality is OK.
Jun Arakawa himself will respond in Japanese and foreign languages.

This day will be the most fun event
You can participate without reservation

You can participate even if you don’t bring anything on the day.
However, please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty with ink.

Try touching the ink with your hands
It’s the same feeling as playing in the mud
The tradition of sumi-e and ink painting is based on “playing in the mud”
Have fun and enjoy the traditions

Let’s enjoy

[Date and time] 5/11 (Sat) 9:30~
[Venue] Forest Kids Nursery School
509-5 Kawaren, Ohira-cho, Tochigi-shi, Tochigi-ken 329-4407
Social Welfare Corporation Soshinkai Forest Kids Nursery School
TEL: 02-8220-0808

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